In community training centers in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and Texas, students are getting the digital skills training they need to be successfully placed in telework positions with one of over 60 vetted and reputable companies.  Through a program called Digital Works, centers are leveraging the rapid increase in telework positions over the past five years to advantage by offering focused training that prepares applicants for the specific tasks performed in call centers, customer service departments, and tech support divisions. In addition to lowering unemployment and upgrading participants’ technical skills, the centers enhance the profile of their local workforce, making their communities more attractive to higher tech, higher paying, companies.

The success of the program is attested to not only by its high rate of placement (80%) but by the high retention rate (91%) of its graduates.  These factors are due in part to the support Digital Works provides.  Participants work in an encouraging environment and are coached in soft skills such as interview strategies. According to one program observer, the mentorship provided by the program is a key factor in promoting student success.

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