In Santa Fe, interim legislative committees are meeting this month to give preliminary review to key issues that will be under consideration when the 2017 legislative session convenes in January.  Amongst the topics under discussion is the expansion of broadband in New Mexico.

Convened under the guidance of Senate Majority Whip Michael Padilla, the Committee on Science, Technology, and Telecommunications began to hear information on the needs, deployment and specifications for extending broadband service in the state. Amongst the presentations heard by the committee members were: Dr. Dale Alverson and Terry Boulanger highlighting the need for high speed internet to enable new applications in telehealth and telemedicine; representatives from the Public Education Department discussing the need to provide all students, teachers and families with reliable high speed internet connections; comments from economic organizations on the importance of broadband service for business growth and employment expansion in the state; and updates from a panel of cable and telecommunications companies on the progress, barriers, and plans to extend broadband infrastructure most effectively.

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