The New Mexico Department of Information Technology is currently undertaking a study in order to identify gaps and optimize plans for expanding broadband infrastructure to better meet the needs of New Mexico businesses. Columbia Telecommunications Corporation, a nationally recognized engineering and business consulting firm, has begun to review information about existing broadband in commercial corridors and to analyze information on the diversity of service providers in urban, suburban, and rural areas. The goal is to identify service gaps and make recommendations that will enable the state to plan actions for providing better access and speeds to business and commercial enterprises. A preliminary summary of the study, presented before the New Mexico Legislative Interim Committee on Science, Technology, and Telecommunications in October, “recommends levers for enabling and incenting investment” that will attract “private capital” for increasing “broadband deployment… in the state.”

For more about the divisions in broadband access, quality, and use between urban, suburban, and rural areas, refer to information about broadband in rural communities.

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