Key Agencies

The short listing of some of the major agencies and organizations in the United States and in New Mexico working in broadband and digital inclusion.

Broadband Technologies

A list of the types of available broadband technologies (e.g. fiber optic, cable), with brief descriptions of each and links to further information.

New Mexico Internet Service Providers

A listing of the internet service providers (ISPs) available in New Mexico, including cellular carriers.

Low Cost Service and Equipment

A list of national and local programs and opportunities for low-cost internet service and/or digital equipment. Most programs require applicants meet eligibility requirements based on income and/or participation in other assistance programs.

Training in Digital Skills

Information and links to training resources for learners and trainers. You can find other learning resources by searching online.

White Papers

A collection of brief papers on a variety of topics related to the impact of broadband, the digital divide, and digital inclusion.