Broadband is a critical driver of economic development.  The rise of digital economies over the past few years underscores the importance of fast, accessible internet for building and maintaining business success, engaging in global commerce, and managing the online data and communication needed for today’s economic processes.  In addition to reviving economically depressed regions and stimulating higher income levels, reliable high-speed access can also attract new businesses and residents to a locale, expand employment opportunities, diversify communities, and increase the tax base.


Adequate access to affordable broadband is of course a prerequisite for using it to enhance economic opportunities for families and communities.  But using broadband tools to achieve successful economic outcomes also requires developing confidence and ability with a wide array of tools. Gaining these skills and maintaining them as new developments in technology continue requires time, training, and support. Local libraries and community centers often provide resources  for learning these new skills.  We provide a listing of some locations offering these learning opportunities in our resources section.

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