To develop digital equity, NMDIN implements six key inclusion strategies:

  • Awareness Developing an awareness of the importance of digital equity and the cost of the digital divide is the first step towards digital inclusion. At the local level, we work through forums, community conversations, panel discussions, and inclusion events to identify local needs, assets, and goals for technology. We maintain and expand this awareness by providing digital resources and news and by engaging online through forums, email, and social media.
  • Planning  Planning provides a useful guide for the process of building digital inclusion at the community, organizational, or  individual level.  Planning also offers the opportunity to track successes, make informed decisions, and apply for funding and other important resources.
  • Connection  The cost of internet service can be prohibitive for many living on limited or fixed incomes. By distributing information and hosting local connectivity events, we help those in need get connected via low-cost service options and promotions.
  • Equipment  Taking advantage of digital technologies requires having the equipment to utilize a full range of tools and platforms. We leverage donations, discounts, and low-cost offers to help provide basic computing equipment to needy communities.
  • Training  The advantages that digital technologies offer can only be realized when users can develop and maintain skills. We help businesses, job-seekers, health care providers and learners of all ages gain the skills and master the tools they need for success.
  • Support  To remain digitally inclusive practices, communities need technical support for networks and equipment.  We help communities build partnerships and leverage existing opportunities that will enable them to maintain digital resources in their region.