High speed internet and its applications form the basis of communications, economies and advancement around the world.  In New Mexico, broadband access, expansion and use are essential elements of state’s future and the lives of its citizens. These ongoing advances require reliable and up to date information about broadband technologies, adoption and inclusion.

The Department of Information Technology and the Office of Geospatial Initiatives provide the plans, technical recommendations, maps, and overarching frameworks that guide the growth and deployment of broadband infrastructure in New Mexico.  These efforts are supported by additional statewide initiatives, including New Mexico FirstNet Public Safety Network, the Governor’s Broadband for Education Initiative, and the new Broadband for Business project.

NMConnect provides comprehensive information, outreach and communication about broadband access, adoption, and use in New Mexico, highlighting the efforts made across state initiatives and connecting these to larger national trends, networks, and activities. In this role, we balance the technical expertise of state infrastructure and mapping efforts with a broad perspective on the needs, challenges, and impacts that broadband brings on the state, community, and individual level.

Open networks
Podcast discussion of open access in New Mexico.


Broadband speed test
your broadband speed and quality using this tool.


Broadband for Education
The Governor’s Broadband Plan for New Mexico schools.